Jobs in Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co Ltd-UAE

Hyundai Engineering & Construction Jobs

Driving Korean Engineering and Construction Company included with Power Plant / Refinery / Petrochemical / Oil and Gas / Overhead Transmission Line and Substation Projects in Middle East-Online Job Search. Hyundai Engineering & Construction Jobs.

Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. (shortened form: HDEC) is a noteworthy development organization in South Korea which has completed activities in Korea as well as around the globe. The organization was established by Chung Ju-yung in 1947 as the Hyundai Civil Works Company, and was a noteworthy segment of the Hyundai Group. Hyundai Construction and Hyundai Engineering converged in 1999-Engineering employments in Dubai.

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Job Title Location
Airless Spray Painters U.A.E
Sand Blasters U.A.E
Painting Supervisors U.A.E
Architectural Design Engineers U.A.E
Protection, Telecom Design Engineers Saudi Arabia
Architectural Supervisors Qatar
Accounting Assistants Kuwait
Painting Foremen Kuwait
Civil Foremen Kuwait
Marine Engine Mechanics Kuwait
Deckhands (Marine) Kuwait
Captains  Kuwait
Forklift Operators  Kuwait
Fuel Truck Operators Kuwait
Tractor Drivers Kuwait
Water Truck Operators Kuwait
Dump Truck Operators Kuwait
Hydro Crane Truck Operators (250 Tons) Kuwait
Dozer Operators Kuwait


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